Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crazy Summer

Sorry I have been so absent it has been a crazy summer!
Our baby boy has now turned one and we are back in the swing of everyday life after our crazy busy summer of vacations, camping, visitors and of course colds.

Here are some pics from Quentin;s birthday parties.

First we had a party in Cape Breton while we were there on vacation and it was perfect!!

Second we of course had a party back in Calgary closer to his birthday, it was also perfect!!!

This is a time lapse of Quentin's year!!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happify (dot) com

What is happify(dot)com you may ask?

It is a community online that uses science to increase happiness.  I got an email from them to participate in the beta of the website and honestly I was unsure of it all.  Now after finishing my first track and working on my second track I can say it is super nice to have a place to encourage you to slow down and enjoy life. 

I have been working on noticing the joys that are all around me with some great friends on instagram using the hashtag #joyintheeveryday.  I actually got a comment on one picture from a high school friend saying how much she enjoyed seeing my pictures of the everyday joy, especially since most people complain way more then they enjoy!  That is so true. 

I am not trying to say my life is all sunshine and rainbows but honestly I don't have to much to complain about.  We have a house, car, food in our fridge and our lights are on.  Our baby is happy and most importantly healthy.  We have our rainy seasons but we make it through them because we love each other! 

So here is to being a little bit happier!  A little more willing to recognize all the blessing that my life has and just enjoying life!!!

If you want more information about happify follow the link above and you can check it out!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

9 months

Wow I am like the worst blogger ever these days.  However I have a few posts coming up shortly.

However Quentin has turned 9 months old!!!

He is 20 lbs and 3 ozs and approx 28 inches long.  He is actually getting to be taller!!! Yay.
 He now hates to lay down unless he is tired and has a fit when we try to change his diaper or get a picture.

He still crawls all over the place and pulls up on everything and anything but no walking unsupported yet. At nine months he still has no teeth but really looks like he has three or four just below the surface.  I hope they come out soon!
He now loves to clap his hands when we say yay!!!!!  He gets all excited and claps like crazy, he will let go of almost anything.

A little snack?
 This is what the number looked like by the end of the photos :S

 This is before the photos, as soon as he sees the camera or I mention it I get this cheeky little smile.  He loves to have his picture taken as long as I don't lay him down.

 The blanket and number before the baby gets his hands on it!

Quentin was born at 37 weeks gestation he is 37 weeks old in these pictures (yes they were taken a week late).  What a difference in just a few months.

He looks so different, I love how much my baby has grown but I miss that little baby so much!

Friday, May 10, 2013

8 Months

Yes already he is a 3 quarters of a year old....Waaaahhhhh!!!

He weights over 20 lbs now and I have no idea how long he is. I guess I could have measured him with my sewing tape, but I didn't.

This month  has brought many things for Quentin.  He stands successfully now with support and loves to walk while holding Mommy or Daddy's hands.  He crawls like a champ now.

He has no teeth still!!! However his gums are so swollen, poor little guy!

He loves to eat steak and toast and I am sure he would eat them for every meal.  Quentin also says DaDa like crazy now.  Every morning he wakes up saying da da da da da da da da.  He has not yet succesfully said Mama.

His new favorite game is who ever is on the floor is his jungle gym and he loves to climb all over everyone! 

He also would not lie down for his pictures so this is what we got!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Perfect Combination

Wow this kid is the perfect combination of both Doug and I.  The bath picture is Doug in the top picture and Quentin in the bottom one.  He looks just like him to me. So cute.

This picture is Quentin sitting in the park smiling and next to him is me at my school concert in grade 6.
I find it so weird that he can look so much like the both of us! But he is so freaking cute I can not get enough of these pictures! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 Months

WOW where did those 7 months go!  He is getting so big and mobile and has such a personality!
He weighs 19 pounds 12 ozs and is around 25 inches long.  No teeth yet but has major signs of teething. 

He rolls and scooches everywhere he wants to go.  He is starting to show intrest in crawling and gets up on all fours and rocks forward and backwards.  But still no forward movement. 

We have also transitioned into the tub with out the baby bath.  He just hangs out with a towel under his bum so he doesn't slip.

The other big thing that has change is Quentin is now feeding himself.  I read up on baby led weaning because apparently I was so mislead.  It is not about weaning a baby from breast feeding, it is about the baby learning to eat food pieces, that means no more purees.  However he still has some puree in the morning when he has oats.  He is so freaking cute when he is eating, bananas and now toast is his favorite food.

Friday, March 8, 2013

28 love filled days

As most have probably heard Instagram is awesome!  A very dear friend of mine motivated me and I participated in 28 love filled days for the month of February.  So much to love and be thankful for.  Here is a peak of my days(minus three because they wouldn't fit).
If you are on instagram find me, sylviamyoung.